The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Identifying Stamps on 10K Gold Jewelry

Buying gold jewelry is super exciting. The anticipation, browsing through multiple designs, and the adrenaline rush of spending so much money on an exquisite piece make for a fantastic experience. But what do the stamps on 10K gold jewelry mean? 

Determining the true value of your gold jewelry seems like a daunting task. But because these yellow metal pieces could be worth a fortune going forward, it's important to know their true worth. And luckily, you do not have to be a jewelry expert to find that out. 

Knowing how to read jewelry markings and learning how to understand them can save you from buying a knockoff in a scam scheme. And once you learn the secret behind the obscure marks on your jewelry pieces, it's actually quite interesting to find out what your accessories are worth. 

Let's begin deciphering the key to your treasure!

Understanding Gold Purity & Value - What Does the 10K Stamp Mean?

As we mentioned earlier, you do not have to be an expert to know where your gold jewelry comes from or how pure it is. A basic understanding of measuring gold purity and value can help you assess what you are investing in. 

Jewelry stamps are put on these accessories to reinforce the authenticity and quality of 10K gold jewelry. With the help of this quick guide, you can know the purity and value of your gold pieces. 

Understanding Karats

It's common knowledge that the more karat a piece of gold holds, the more valuable it is. The number of karats denotes the amount of pure gold used to make a jewelry piece.

  • 24K gold is 100% gold.
  • 18K gold is 75% gold and 25% other alloys (silver, copper, nickel, and palladium).
  • 14K gold is 58.3% gold and 41.7% other alloys.
  • 10K gold is 41.7% gold and 58.3% other alloys.
  • 9K gold is 37.5% gold and 62.5% other alloys.

Reading Karat Stamps

Now that you know what the different karats mean, you can easily understand the markings on your 10k gold jewelry. The law requires every vendor to have a stamp on each jewelry piece sold. If you can't find a stamp, it is probably because it has worn off with time or was made before the stamp law was passed. In that case, consulting an expert to know if the gold is genuine can be a good idea.

Other Stamps 

Occasionally, the stamps might not be as obvious as a simple K stamp. Some jewelers put in alternate markings in the form of 3 digits. You can use the guide below to help you decipher the quality of your gold piece. 




















Know Your Stamps & Markings on Gold Jewelry of 10K

To a novice, all gold looks the same. But there is a massive difference between the amount of gold used in different pieces, and you can learn about that by knowing your stamps and markings for gold jewelry. 

Stamps for Gold Purity

Aside from karat stamps, you may see your gold jewelry marked with other letters that can tell you whether your piece is solid gold, plated, or filled with other metal pieces. 




Karat Plumb


92.5% Silver


Gold Plated


Heavy Gold Electroplate


Rolled Gold Plate 


Gold Filled (Plated)


Gold Filled (Plated)

Stamps for Diamond Rings Made of 10K Gold

When it comes to diamonds set in 10K gold, there is a separate set of jewelry marks that can tell you the type of stone set in your accessory. 

SOL: This means that the stone set in your 10K gold is a solitaire diamond. This mark is usually followed by the gem's weight in karats. 

CZ: This means that your "diamond" piece is actually a cubic zirconia and not an actual diamond. 

CW: The carat weight stamp measures the karat weight of your diamond and determines how heavy it is. It does not indicate size.  

Determine the Quality of Your Diamond Using 10K Gold Jewelry Stamps

Did you know that stamps on 10K Gold Jewelry can also tell you about the quality of your diamond? The authenticity of a diamond stone can almost always be determined by the quality of the metal it has been set in. 

If you are looking at a poor-quality metal, it is highly likely that the stone setting is not real. An original diamond is always set in gold or platinum. Look for engravings marked 10K, 14K, 18K, 585, 900, 750, OR 950. 

Stamps for Maker's Marks

Looking for the maker's marks can tell you all about the designer and creator of the jewelry piece. Many companies and manufacturers can stamp marks on their pieces to give the buyer an idea of the maker and the origin of the piece. These marks can also be placed as a mark of ownership, like a painter's signature. This hallmark can usually be found near the metal content stamp and differs from maker to maker. 

Where Can You Find Jewelry Marks on 10K Gold Jewelry & Diamond Rings?

During a jewelry purchase, looking for stamps and marks on your 10K gold jewelry is probably the farthest thing on your mind. Who will want to search for tiny markings when you can look at the pretty diamonds and the gleaming gold? 

But knowing where to find these markings can help you glean the value and history of your accessory. 

You can usually find these stamps or hallmarks near the clasp of your gold chain, the back or side of your pendant, or the interior of your diamond ring set in 10K gold. You can also look for them on the charm from a bracelet or a dangling bit of your earrings or necklace.

5 Simple Ways to Tell If Your 10K Gold Jewelry is Real or Not

This may be hard to believe, but some people have gold lying around and are completely unaware of whether it's real or not. So what are some of the simplest ways to tell if what you are holding is gold or not?

The Skin Test: Hold a piece of jewelry in your hand for a few minutes. If it is fake gold, then the perspiration from your hands will react with the metal and leave a bluish or greenish tinge on your skin. Real gold will leave no color behind. 

The Size & Weight Test: Since gold is denser than most metals, you can usually know whether gold is fake or not by checking its size and weight. If your "gold piece" looks quite large but weighs relatively light, then you probably have a fake. 

The Float Test: Drop your jewelry piece in a container of water. If it sinks to the bottom, you've got a piece of treasure on your hands. If it doesn't, then it's fake. 

The Magnet Test: Holding a magnet to your jewelry piece can tell you if it's real gold since gold is non-magnetic. This test isn't exactly foolproof, though, since even real gold pieces have a mixture of different alloys that could attract the magnet. 

The Foolproof Test: A 100% surefire way to tell whether you have real gold is to get in touch with a reputable jewelry dealer who can tell you what you need to know. These experts usually have a kit that can test the jewelry piece and tell you without a shadow of a doubt whether you have treasure or junk.


Understanding the symbols on your 10K gold jewelry can help you gauge the value of the pieces you hold. This knowledge can benefit you in times of need or even for a simple trade-off in jewelry pieces. 

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What does a 10K gold stamp mean?

Gold jewelry with a 10K stamp means that the piece weighs ten karats. It also tells you that the accessory comprises 41.7% gold and 58.3% of other alloys.

What does a diamond symbol on 10K gold jewelry mean? 

A diamond symbol in 10K gold jewelry means that the piece has diamond stones set in it. 

What is the stamp for diamonds on 10K gold rings? 

When purchasing 10K gold jewelry, especially diamond rings, you can expect to see a carat or points stamp on the ring's interior. If the ring is set with synthetic gemstones, you will see a CZ sign that tells you that the stones are made of cubic zirconia. 

How can I identify the marks on my jewelry? 

You may be able to identify the marks on your jewelry with a little bit of research and careful evaluation. If you are uncertain whether the gold and diamonds are fake or real, get in touch with an expert. 

How can you determine if 10K gold is real?

Get in touch with a reputable jewelry dealer. You can also use DIY tests such as the magnet test, the float test, or the skin test. 

Is my 10K gold jewelry fake if its stamps are blurry?

That is not necessarily true. There could be several reasons behind blurry stamp marks on your jewelry piece. 

  • The stamp has worn off over time.
  • The maker stamped at the wrong angle.
  • The piece is dirty, scuffed, or scratched.
  • The stamper slipped against the metal while marking it.
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